Research Studies

While every study we conduct is customized to the needs of our clients, the following provides an overview of some of the more commonly requested types of projects that help our clients to achieve their expansion objectives, smooth over blocks and drag on new sales volume, increase new customer / client volume, launch new products, increase vital channels and resolve competitor issues.

We offer uniquely successful, thorough research programs:  

  • In-depth Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Positioning Studies
  • Industry & Market Forecasting
  • Product Analysis & Market Acceptance / Feasibility Studies
  • Demographics Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction Research
  • Media / Press Research Studies

Important questions regarding what customers really like or dislike is invaluable and key to driving business success. In addition, finding out what actually works to attract and sell products and services to  new customers is vital to growth. Discovering what marketing, PR and production actions are working well and those that are unintended blocks to growth and expansion reveals what should be reinforced internally from what needs to be quickly dropped or adjusted.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction studies help to support and fortify marketing efforts.

Correctly implemented research can also identify trouble spots that may be cutting across efforts to achieve a larger share of your business’ market share. CMS can design research programs to get you the information needed to make more confident and accurate business decisions.

With the right, exact questions, you are able peer into the minds and hearts and of those who currently pay for products and services from competitors.  You are able to find out exactly what your competitors are doing to successfully sell in your market. You can learn their strengths and weaknesses as well as how your company or product can successfully compete and what it will take to make them YOUR customers.

Many businesses have experienced the added time, effort and cost of launching a new product or service without the benefits of adequate research. Relying on unsupported enthusiasm and limited resources the result is usually more dramatic than just financially disappointing. It can be very costly and often disastrous.  

What market segments are actually open to you? Where are the really potential buyers for your product and why? You might find you have buyers or customers right under your nose without knowing it. CSM can cost effectively help you determine what market segments you may be missing and can provide the accurate data on new markets for existing and future products and services.

What does the industry media know about your company and its products? Discover critical details on what type of climate you are promoting into. Do you have a hostile or favorable press attitude? Learn how to utilize the existing climate to your advantage. This valuable information can assist you in designing more effective public relations campaigns that are far more favorable to your company.